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Why Go Solar

Better Financial Choice

The declining cost of solar coupled with federal, state and utility incentives make solar energy cheaper than the energy you receive from your utility company. Most residential customers save $40,000 or more by going solar. Commercial customers save hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars over the life of the system.

Energy Independence

Every home, business or non-profit that installs a solar system achieves energy independence not only for the residents but also contributes to the energy independence for our country.  That means you no longer have to worry about your utility company raising rates. That also means less reliance on foreign oil. This would put less pricing pressure on gas at the pump.

Federal Investment Tax Credit & Depreciation Credits

IRS offers investment tax credit to anyone who installs a solar system. Business customers receive additional federal and state accelerated depreciation tax credits.

Visit here for more information on Investment Tax Credits

Visit here for more information on Depreciation Credits

Solar technology is relatively simple and proven. Almost all solar panels come with a 25-30 year energy production warranty. That means you are not taking a risk with an unproven technology. If your system is not performing according to the specification, the panel manufacturer will replace your system with a new one.

Proven Technology

Studies have shown that homes with solar panels increase the value of the property and sell faster. If you plan to sell the property anytime, your new owner would appreciate the free electricity. Home values increase more than the value of your investment.

Increased Property Value

BrightSolar offers financing to most business and non-profit customers. Our in-house PPA and lease financing for non-profit and small to medium sized businesses is unique in the solar industry.

100% Financed
Greener Planet

A typical residential solar system (5 kw DC) is equivalent to:

  • 24 Passenger vehicles not driven in a year
  • 3159 trees grown for 10 years
  • 43 tons of waste recycled instead of land filled
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